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Photo Courtesy of JB Sallee Photography • JB Sallee 50 City Tour

Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities


Thank you for your interest in a Sew Trendy Sponsorship for your upcoming event! As a leader for maternity posing gowns in the photography industry, we look forward to creating a unique experience for you and your attendees at your next event.

We are very selective as to the workshops/photographers we work with to provide exclusivity to your attendees. Each workshop includes exclusive swag, product, gift cards, and more to help make your event one to remember! Please read the below information, and contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you!



“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

- Anonymous -


• 1-5 Gowns/Separates Per Event (style must be approved, final number confirmed by our team)

• 2 Newborn props or outfits/model/day

• 20% Discount for Attendees

• 1 $100 Sew Trendy Gift Card per day (For large events like Imaging USA, 1 gift card per class/day)

• Workshop Swag for each attendee (i.e. items such as branded garment bags, discount codes, chapstick, pens/notebooks, items will vary by workshop)

• Dedicated Email Blast 2-4 weeks prior to event

• Inclusion in the Sew Trendy Workshops page on our website and newsletters

• Social Media Post 2 weeks before event

• Exclusivity to post workshop registration links in the Sew Trendy VIP Photographer Group on Facebook

** All sponsorship items above are not guaranteed, and based on final approval, current production demands, etc. Final details will be confirmed via email with a team member



• Minimum of 8 Attendees (We do have other sponsorship opportunities for 5-7 attendees, please fill out the form below)

• Sew Trendy must be the majority sponsor if there are other gown vendors participating• Sew Trendy must be mentioned during the class/workshop as the designer of the outfits. Any content posted/published during the event featuring a Sew Trendy product must credit Sew Trendy Accessories as the gown designer and sponsor of the event. Please ensure students have this information as well!

Sew Trendy Social Account and Tag Info:
Instagram @sewtrendyaccessories #sewtrendyaccessories
Facebook @sewtrendyaccessories

If you would like to purchase additional items for the event, you will receive an exclusive one time use teacher/mentor offer for 40% off. Please email us at to place your order, we will send an invoice directly for the items you are requesting. Items must be purchased prior to the workshop date, and must be used during the workshop/class, and are bound by the same collaboration requirements. May not be used in conjunction with other discounts/offers.

Please urge your students to create an account on our website to access our Photographer Program (The Trendy Threads Rewards Program). This is where they can earn an ongoing 20% studio discount, bonus points to cash in for gift cards, their own referral link, and more.

Referral program: You may also create an account our website (if you haven't already) to retrieve your "referral" link to share with your attendees to earn additional product. Sharing this link will give your clients/attendees a 20% discount, and you will receive a $20 store credit in your account. You CAN use this to purchase additional gift cards to give out during other classes, OR purchase additional items for yourself!




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By typing my name below, I am providing a digital signature in Agreement of the terms and conditions laid out by Sew Trendy Accessories LLC as part of the Sew Trendy Workshop Sponsorship Program listed at the top of this form, and understand if I fail to adhere to the requirements of the program (found at the top of this page) it could lead to dismissal from Sew Trendy sponsorship and further Sew Trendy events.

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Please submit your photography/workshop logo along with any additional sponsor logos, and social media fliers below. Please ensure that any social media fliers include Sew Trendy gowns.



Thank you for your application! A Team member will get back to you shortly.