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Sew Trendy Photographer Directory

Get noticed by clients who are actively searching for maternity, newborn, and child photographers in their area who use Sew Trendy products.

Only $10/Month Autopay


Take advantage of targeted marketing campaigns that Sew Trendy is already paying for to bring potential new clientele to your website and social media pages


Spend more time doing what you love behind the camera instead of countless hours trying to figure out Facebook Algorithms. We have experts working for us creating social media campaigns and newsletters featuring our directory.


For the cost of 2 beverages from the corner coffee store, you could reach clientele who are actively searching for a photographer in their area!


What are the requirements to be listed in the directory?

  • Photographers must have a professional website OR Facebook page
  • Purchased from Sew Trendy in the last 12 months (this is checked monthly, as we market the directory to our clients as photographer's who are up to date on the current wardrobe trends)
  • Must purchase the monthly auto pay directory listing

When will the directory subscription draft my account?

Your bill will draft monthly on the same day that you enrolled. You may change the date by contacting Sew Trendy Customer Service at least 3 business days prior to your draft date.

How do I update my billing information?

Billing information can be updated through your Sew Trendy account by clicking manage subscriptions.

How do I update my listing information?

Please email us at sewtrendycustomerservice@gmail.com to update any directory information

How do I cancel my directory subscription?

Please contact sewtrendycustomerservice@gmail.com at least 3 business days prior to your draft date to cancel your directory subscription.

How do we know if people are searching in our area?

Please ensure you are a member of the Sew Trendy VIP Photographer Community on facebook. We periodically post search statistics in the group for our members. JOIN NOW

What if I don't meet the purchase requirements?

The Sew Trendy Team checks each account monthly to ensure you have stayed on trend, and have purchased from Sew Trendy in the previous 12 months. If you have not purchased in the last 12 months, a Sew Trendy team member will reach out to you directly to remind you to make a purchase. You will have until the end of the current month to do so, or will be removed from the directory. You will be able to re-apply when eligibility requirements are met.

How do I get an image on my listing?

Sew Trendy Clients who have reached our VIP Tiers Silver, Rose Gold, and Platinum will receive an elevated directory listing featuring an image from your studio featuring Sew Trendy Products to stand out from the crowd. These photographers have invested a good deal of time and money into Sew Trendy, and we want to ensure that their efforts are noticed not only by our team, but by our clientele. Read more on our Rewards Program HERE

I'm VIP Silver, Rose Gold, or Platinum. When will my image be updated?

VIP Level updates are made on your monthly renewal date. If you have reached one of our top tiers by the time your monthly renewal subscription comes through, we will select and code in the image for you.