How to earn Trendy Threads


200 Trendy Threads


200 Trendy Threads


Varies by VIP Tier


200 Trendy Threads


100 Trendy Threads


100 Trendy Threads

Refer Friends & Clients

2000 Trendy Threads for you, 20% OFF for them

Turn Threads into Gowns

Redeem Trendy Threads for Gift Cards | 100 Threads = $1 US

Earn more threads per dollar + Exclusive benefits

Become a VIP

Moving on up! Build your client closet with Sew Trendy, and earn up to 6 threads per dollar, extra discount codes, FREE Rush Processing, and more!

From $750 spend each Calendar Year

Style Starter | OPAL

$0 Spend each calendar year

Everyone starts somewhere! Start spending to earn exclusive access to discount codes, freebies, and more at Sew Trendy!

• 1 Thread per $1 Spent

Stylist | SAPPHIRE

$750 Spend each calendar year

• 1 Thread per $1 Spent

• Ongoing 20% Off Discount

Stylist | EMERALD

$1500 Spend each calendar year

• 2 Threads per $1 Spent

• Ongoing 20% Off Discount


Stylist | DIAMOND

$3000 Spend each calendar year

• 3 Threads per $1 Spent

• Ongoing 20% Off Discount



$5,000 Spend each calendar year

• 4 Threads per $1 Spent

• Ongoing 20% Discount





$10,000 Spend each calendar year

• 5 Threads per $1 Spent

• Ongoing 20% Discount

• FREE Rush Processing

• Priority Access to Sew Trendy Events




$15,000 Spend each calendar year

• 6 Threads per $1 Spent

• Ongoing 20% Discount

• FREE Rush Processing

• Priority Access to Sew Trendy Events

• Early Access to Select New Designs Before Public Release at an exclusive discount * As available *

Trendy Threads FAQ

Do my threads expire?

Threads expire 6 months after the date they are earned. Make sure to cash these in for gift cards prior to their expiration date!

How does the referral program work?

Log in to your account, and click on the Rewards button in the bottom right corner. Your affiliate link is available there. Share with clients and friends. When they click on the link it will bring them to our site and they will be prompted to sign up for an account. After joining, they will receive an email with their 20% Discount. They MUST use that discount at checkout for threads to appear in your account. If they do not use the discount they received, the system can NOT link the referral to your account. When the client makes their first purchase, 2000 Trendy Threads will appear in your Sew Trendy account automatically.

I have 2 accounts, can they be merged?

No, please ensure you are using the correct email when you log in. If you are unsure of which email you have been using, please email customer service at

I placed an order today, and I don't see my threads yet?

Please allow the system 2 business days for it to update your trendy threads. If after that point you do not see your threads, please email us at

Do returns affect my Trendy Threads/VIP Tier levels?

YES. Any refunds for returns will affect your affect your trendy threads, as any threads rewarded would be deducted from your account.

How is my VIP Tier calculated?

Your VIP tier is calculated by purchases made, starting the day your create an account at Sew Trendy, and run a calendar year (January to December). Your tier level in each January will be calculated by your spend the year prior. As long as you get back up to your level (or higher) by the end of the year, you will get to keep it the following year!

Can I use my tier discount with other discount codes?

Only one discount code can be applied per purchase. You will need to decide whether the tier discount or sale discount offers higher savings. You can however apply your tier discount with store markdowns.

How do I access my ongoing discount code for my tier?

Your discount will be linked to your account, and is emailed to you at the beginning of the year, or when you reach Sapphire level and above. Your VIP discount does not apply to subscription products and some limited edition items. You may choose to use a different discount code at checkout if the savings are higher.

How do I apply the free rush benefit for VIP Rose Gold and Platinum tiers?

Free rush applies to standard processing gowns only. Select standard processing when adding the product to your cart. Your account is noted on the back-end to bump up the processing time to 7 business days. This does not apply to extended processing gowns that require more than 4 weeks to create. Please refer to the black out dates below.

What are the 'Black Out' dates for the VIP Free Rush Processing Benefit?

                                    COMING SOON FOR 2023

How do I take advantage of the Pre-Release special for Platinum?

The Sew Trendy Team will reach out to you directly prior to the gowns release. The total discount available for pre-release specials is 40% (20% tier discount + 20% markdown). This benefit is available on select releases.Please contact with any questions!

Are there any products that are ineligible for ongoing tier discounts?

Some items are not eligible for tier discounts. Currently subscription boxes and add ons, the photographer directory, and some exclusive releases may be excluded.