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Sew Trendy Event Model Application

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Thank you for your interest in being a model for an upcoming Sew Trendy event! As a leader for women's & maternity posing gowns in the photography industry, we look forward to showcasing our gowns and accessories on you!



“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

- Anonymous -


Portrait Masters Conference, September 11-14, 2023

The Arizona Grand Resort & Spa Convention Center
8000 South Arizona Grand E, Phoenix, AZ 85044


Models accepted to attend the event must reply to the acceptance email no later than September 4th. If you fail to reply you will be replaced with another applicant. Emails will be coming from We suggest adding this email to your contacts so it does not get filtered to spam.

Models Needed

• 2-3 Maternity Models • 28-34 Weeks at time of event

• Modeling experience appreciated, but not required. If signed with an agency, please include agency information

Event Requirements

• Trade Show - Models will be wearing Sew Trendy gowns, and walk around the event center showing them off. Models will need to learn small details about the event, including show special, and the name of the gown they are wearing. Models will be working in shifts of 3 hours. You may sign up for more than one shift if desired.

• Models will be required to come photo shoot ready - i.e. full glam hair and makeup, with nude bra/underwear


• Trade Show - Models will receive Sew Trendy $100 Sew Trendy gift card for each 1.5h shift they are selected for during the trade show.

Event Information/Schedule

Monday 9/11: 11:30-1pm

Tuesday 9/12, 11:30-1pm

Wednesday 9/13, 11:30-1pm

Thursday 9/14, 11:30-1pm

Our team will provide snacks and water to ensure models are comfortable during their shift. Your safety is our #1 concern.

To ensure models arrive for their shift and to eliminate stress on our team caused by no-show models, a $50 Deposit is Required to hold your space. This deposit is good for the entire event. When you complete your scheduled shift(s) your deposit will be refunded via visa gift card on location.


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PHOTO SUBMISSION -- Please send 2-3 recent photos for review. Ensure that your face and body are visible and limited filters are used. REQUIRED**




Thank you for your application! A Team member will get back to you shortly.