What is the last day to subscribe for the following months box?

The last day of the month prior to the next months subscription box

Do you offer additional boxes for sale if I miss the subscription deadline?

We may have a VERY limited number of additional boxes available. These will be added to the website on the 15th at a slightly smaller discount. These are first come first serve.

How does the designer know what to put in my box?

Based on the style of subscription box and custom options you selected during purchase, our designers will create a themed box your studio will love! We review each photographer's social media accounts to select colors and styles that you will love for your individual studio.

How will you avoid duplicating dresses I already have in my studio closet?

With the Sew Trendy So You subscription box, you will not need to worry about duplicating a Sew Trendy gown in your closet. New designs will not have been available prior to the subscription box. New color months will feature gowns from the Sew Trendy Favorites collection, that you may have, but in an exclusive color

What type of products will be in my subscription box?

A new gown or gown color, and coordinating accessories will be featured in the boxes each month.

Can you elaborate on the boxes with a new design that month?

During new design months, all boxes will get the new design in the studio color palate from the box you have chosen. All accessories will coordinate with the new design. This will be a preview design and may or may not be available at a later date.

Can you elaborate on the boxes with a new color during that month?

During new color months, a specialty color will be chosen for all Sew Trendy boxes. All accessories will coordinate with the gown in those colors. The gowns in this box will be from the Sew Trendy Favorites Collection and coordinate with the season. These colors will be exclusive to the boxes and are not scheduled to be released to the public currently. Please note if you selected neutral or jewel tones in your profile selection, these will not be applicable on color months, as everyone will receive the same color. 

I want to purchase one of the new designs from the box in a different color, will it be available later?

Custom designs from our subscription boxes are a “preview” of a new release and may or may not be available approx 2 months after their subscription release depending on the response we receive from our subscribers.

How do I change my Sew Trendy® So You Box Style?

Simple! Email info@sewtrendyaccessories.com and we can switch your box options for you! This must be done prior to the draft date on the 17th of each month.

What is the newborn add on?

This is an “Add On” to your current subscription box that will allow us to include a matching newborn set in the custom color, or matching the new design in your styled box! This is not required, and can be changed with your box style (see above)

Who can purchase the Sew Trendy So You Subscription Box?

Any legitimate photographer with a Facebook page and or website, who also has an account with Sew Trendy. Join HERE

How do I cancel my subscription?

It’s Easy! Just email info@sewtrendyaccessories.com by the 17th of the month (3 days prior to the draft date) and we can cancel your subscription for the following month. Once the payment drafts, if you still wish to cancel, we can provide a store credit in place of the box. 

Does cancelling or pausing my subscription affect my eligibility?

There are a limited number of Sew Trendy, So You Subscriptions available. If you cancel your box, you may not be able to get back in. We will hold your place if you pause your subscription for 1 month, but you must renew the following (in essence one can only skip every other month to maintain their place in the subscription).

How do I return an item?

Simple! Click the “Start my return” link at the bottom of our website to initiate your return. PLEASE NOTE that our standard return/exchange policies apply. We must receive the return request within 7 business days of delivery, and tracking must be provided within 2 business days of your return approval confirmation. Items must be received in the condition they were received, and can not be used/worn/damaged. Store credit will be issued upon the return of the item. Please note the box contents must be complete in order to return. 

Can I skip a box?

SURE! Just email us at info@sewtrendyaccessories.com and we will take care of that for you. Please note that we need to be notified prior to the 17th of the month to catch it before the next subscription payment drafts.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards. Paypal is not available for subscription boxes. Gift cards can not be applied to Subscription Boxes.

Is my photographer discount code applicable to the Sew Trendy boxes?

Due to the large discount given on the Sew Trendy, So You box, discount codes are excluded.

When is my payment due?

Payments are due on the 20th of the month. If this is your first box, it will draft immediately on checkout.

When will my box ship?

Your Sew Trendy So You Subscription box will ship on the 15th of the month. If this falls on a weekend, it will ship the following business day.