How do I Enroll?

Simply CLICK HERE to learn more about the Sew Trendy So You Studio Subscription Box

What is the last day to subscribe?

To participate in the following month's box, subscriptions must be purchased by the 30th of the month. Purchases made after the 30th will apply towards the next quarters box.

When are my payments due?

Automatic EFT payments are due on the 20th of the month prior to the next month's box, and will draft automatically via the account that you enrolled with.

Can I use gift cards or Trendy Threads?

Due to the heavily discounted price, and exclusive products available in the boxes, Sew Trendy So You Subscriptions are not eligible for gift cards or Trendy Threads Rewards.

Is Afterpay Eligible?

Because the Sew Trendy So You Studio Subscription Box runs on an autopay system, they are not eligible for Afterpay

Will I always receive products based on my selections?

This year we will be creating a new design in limited edition fabrics for each quarterly box, some designs will not be offered in certain color palettes. i.e. a cotton/gauze gown would not be available in bold or jewel tones, etc. We will do our best to stick to your selections, but please leave artistic license with our designers to create a box that your studio will love!

When do boxes ship?

NEW UPDATE 2021 • Boxes will ship by the end of the third month in each quarter. Please see the next row for payment/shipment schedule

2020 Payment and Shipment Schedule


New Subscription Jan 30 | Recurring Jan 20

By the end of March

New Subscription April 30 | Recurring April 20

By the end of June

New Subscription July 31 | Recurring July 20

By the end of September

New Subscription October 30 | Recurring October 20

By the end of December

How do I join the Sew Trendy So You VIP Group on Facebook?

The Sew Trendy So You Group is available for current subscribers only. To Join, Please CLICK HERE


How do I become a STSY Trendsetter?

Trendsetters are selected from current subscribers, and are selected by their portfolio and the current inspiration card

Are there ever extra boxes available for purchase?

Extra boxes will be posted on a first come first serve basis on the 1st day of the month of each quarter.

Can I subscribe to more than one box?

Subscribers are only allowed one subscription box, but may purchase additional limited run boxes and bonus boxes as they are available.

I only want the newborn or girls box, can I order them on their own?

At this time, we are only offering the girls and newborn boxes as add ons to the women's and maternity box

How do I update my payment information?

Log into your account at Sew Trendy. Visit your profile, and manage subscriptions on the left side of the screen. Please contact us with questions

How do I update my shipping address?

Please contact us directly to update your billing or shipping address. If it is done by you in the manage subscription portal, it will ONLY update your subscription and not your entire account. Please email us so we can ensure it is done properly across all channels.

Can I skip a box?

Due to the limited space available in this years boxes, we will not allow subscribers to skip months without losing your place in the program. We can not guarantee re-entry.


Are boxes eligible for return or exchange?

Due to the limited edition designs in this years boxes, we will not offer returns or exchanges on these products. Due to the heavily marked down price, and the exclusivity of the products, it is difficult for our team to manage logistics on returns for these items. You MAY however buy/sell/trade your box or items from your box in the Sew Trendy So You VIP Group for 2 months after the boxes are shipped.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancellations must be processed by the 17th of the month at 11:59pm MST/MDT in order to stop the draft in time. Please email us directly at to make changes to your subscription


For Questions, Comments, Concerns, please contact us directly at